Redcliffe's Hot Water Installation, Service and Repairs

Redcliffe Hot Water Install, Services & Repairs

Redcliffe's #1 Hot Water Specialists

We are the Brisbane local experts in all things hot water. Rely on us for fast, efficient service for all your hot water needs in Redcliffe, so whether you require a hot water system install, maintenance, repair or sales, we will get the job done on time and on budget.

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Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe is a specialised business that focuses on providing hot water services in Brisbane.

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Hot Water Installation

Quality Installations Guaranteed

Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe has the hot water installation knowledge and skilled team of highly trained technicians to get your job done quickly and safely.

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Hot Water Repairs

Affordable Repairs & Upgrades

If you need urgent, same-day repairs, count on Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe to be with you fast! When pesky hot water emergencies arise, we are the trusted name in repairs.

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Hot Water Sales

System Sales & Spare Parts

We offer a range of top quality, market-leading parts and accessories from all major brands to fit gas, solar, heat pump and electric systems. Shop our range online for immediate delivery from our Brisbane Warehouse.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

Brisbane's Trusted Experts For Over 25 Years

We have been serving the local community and providing exceptional services for more than 25 years, Trust the Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe local experts for your next hot water project, and expect quality workmanship and a quick turnaround.

Solar Hot Water Systems Redcliffe

Solar Hot Water Systems

Tap into natural sunlight to power your hot water system, and save on long term power bills, with a highly advanced, highly efficient solar hot water system.

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Gas Hot Water Systems Redcliffe

Gas Hot Water Systems

Opt for traditional and reliability with a gas hot water system, to guarantee free-flowing hot water that is dependable enough to suit even the largest family or business’ needs.

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Electric Hot Water Systems Redcliffe

Electric Hot Water Systems

Tried and tested electric hot water systems are affordable and dependable, and remain a popular choice with both residential and commercial customers for their no-fuss installation and operation.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Redcliffe

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Choose a sustainable option with an incredible energy efficiency rating and select a heat pump hot water system. Slash your power bills and minimise your carbon footprint with this eco-friendly option.

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Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water Systems
Solahart Hot Water Systems
Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water
Solahart Hot Water
Vulcan Hot Water
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water
iStore Hot Water
Dux Hot Water
Bosch Hot Water
Aquamax Hot Water
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Looking for Supply Only?

Our online store stocks thousands of parts and products, ready for immediate delivery from our Brisbane warehouse. If you require high quality hot water system parts from a trusted, reputable supplier, browse our online store today.

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Redcliffe Hot Water Services

The Redcliffe Local Advantage

Our expertise in the Redcliffe area makes our hot water solutions hard to beat!

If you need experienced local hot water technicians who have proven knowledge of the specific Redcliffe area, we are the obvious choice. Servicing the local community for over 25 years, we have a dedicated in-house customer service team who will take the hassle out of your installation, repairs, maintenance or hot water system upgrade. Working with all types of systems from gas to solar, electric to heat pump, we are dedicated to safe and affordable services that stand the test of time. When you need quality workmanship and a fast turnaround, Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe is the name to trust.

Your Local Experts

Servicing Redcliffe for
Over Two Decades

At Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe, we are trusted by the local community for our high quality hot water repairs, maintenance and installations, and pride ourselves on our prompt and efficient services.

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Contact Redcliffe's Hot Water Specialists Today

Over 25 Years of Excellence

Whatever your hot water needs, we can assist. Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe has been providing top quality services for decades, and our reputation for quality, efficiency and affordability stands the test of time.

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Hot Water FAQS

What is the best type of hot water system for my home?FAQ Arrow

The best system to choose for your home or workplace depends on a variety of factors including the energy sources you can access, your hot water usage, and your budget. Consult with the experts at Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe for professional, impartial advice on what system to select.

How long does a hot water system typically last?FAQ Arrow

While the life of your hot water system will vary depending on your usage and maintenance habits, in general terms an electric or gas system should last around 10-15 years while a heat pump or solar hot water system usually lasts from 15-20 years.

What factors should I consider when choosing a hot water system?FAQ Arrow

There are many reasons why households and businesses opt for one system type over another. Upfront costs, cost of ongoing operation, desired energy efficiency, space to install, visual impact and energy sources are all important factors to weigh up when making the call.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my hot water system?FAQ Arrow

Aside from choosing an energy efficient model, there are several steps you can take to increase the energy efficiency of your hot water system. Installing slow flow fixtures, moderating water temperature, insulating your pipes and keeping to a strict general repair and maintenance schedule are some of the ways you can keep efficiency up, and energy costs down.

What are the signs that my hot water system needs repairs or replacement?FAQ Arrow

If your system is no longer operating at its optimal level, you may notice strange noises or discoloured water, leaks, fluctuating water temperatures and inconsistent supply, and even spikes in your energy bills. The only 100% accurate way of finding whether you have a hot water system problem, and diagnosing exactly what it is, is to have it expertly inspected by a licensed technician.

24/7 Emergency

We're Here In A Hot Water Emergency

We have experience managing all types of hot water emergencies, and can be on call 24/7 to meet your needs. Don’t wait another day to restore your hot water connectivity or fix that system issue!

24/7 Emergency Service

1300 728 122

Why Choose Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe?

We Offer a Lifetime Guarantee on All Workmanship

As Brisbane’s best hot water experts, Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe are the first choice in gas, electric, solar, and heat pump hot water solutions. With our extensive know-how and demonstrated track record of quality workmanship, we deliver unmatched services encompassing installation, sales, servicing, and repairs, ensuring that your hot water requirements are met with the highest levels of professionalism.

If you are looking for a gas hot water system, trust our extensive range of brands including Rheem, Rinnai, Dux Vulcan, Aquamax and Bosch. Our skilled technicians are gas system experts and have the safety training and knowledge of ventilation requirements to ensure a compliant, hassle-free installation.

For electric hot water systems, we exclusively rely on trusted brands like Aquamax, Dux, Rheem, and Vulcan. We tailor the hot water system to meet your individual requirements and prioritise fast, energy efficient hot water supply to your home or business.

We also specialise in a range of solar hot water systems from the likes of Rinnai, Solahart, iStore, and Envirosun, and pride ourselves on designing and installing environmentally friendly systems which harness the power of the sun to save you money on your energy bill. We are familiar with the Redcliffe climate and can optimise your solar hot water system to collect maximum energy, and deliver maximum results.

Our heat pump hot water systems from brands including Rheem, Rinnai and Reclaim are some of the best in the business, offering unbeaten energy efficiency and ease of use. Our skilled technicians can install, maintain or repair your heat pump hot water system to maximise efficiency for the lifespan of the system, increasing the savings on your power bill and minimising harmful environmental impacts.

We understand that you don’t want to take a cold shower, or make do with access to cold water in your place of business. Hot water is an absolute necessity, at home and at work, which is why we have a 24/7 emergency team available to deal with urgent repairs and offer a same day service. We take the stress out of hot water system repairs, to get you back up and running quickly and affordably.

For a detailed quote or a discussion about your specific hot water needs, get in touch with Brisbane Hot Water Redcliffe today. We have the hands-on experience and diligent customer service team to make you feel comfortable and confident that your project is in the most trusted hands. Discover a new world of energy efficiency and cost savings with a Brisbane Hot Water solution.